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Customize your documentation processes to synchronize with the staffing levels you have

Customize your documentation processes to synchronize with the staffing levels you have


• ADL tracking
• Behavior reporting
• Communication log
• Life enrichment
• Well-being reports
• Compliance reports

How EIS serves your community

1. Documentation as you go
2. 3x staff overtime savings per week
3. Custom required compliance reports

EIS enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of assisting elders when they accept or decline aid. We can give you customized well-being reports that alleviates the concerns of concerned family members. Our compliance reports provide assurance to entities seeking confirmation of regulatory adherence, demonstrating that you have the situation well-managed.

What other communities say about EIS

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“The EIS software we use to do roll calls and collect other ADLs is very easy to use and fast. It’s helped me save time which I can use to attend to residents or to finish other tasks.”

- Shellon Lindie, Care Partner at Artis Princeton Junction.

EIS as a Team


Nathalya Ramirez, Rohan Patil, and Krishan Shah were awarded by The George Washington University New Venture Competition in 2018 for creating the best medical venture aimed at predicting early-stage agitation in patients to improve outcomes. Inspired by their family members that had dealt with disappointing levels of care, they decided to start Early Intervention Systems.

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